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Peace of Hope, Inc. recognized for exemplary community work!

Professor Adrienne Falcon of MAPL delivered the President's Community Award for Metropolitan State University  President Virginia Arthur. 04/2018


Listen in and stay tuned for Peace of Hope (and others) as we address families of the incarcerated issues and offer solutions.

Ride with Us!

Visit your loved ones at the Minnesota Correctional Facilities (collaborative with MN DOC), County Jails, or perhaps you have a loved one who needs a ride home following incarceration. 

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Ride with Us!

Some 2nd Quarter Events



"Seeing them with Your Ears"

Proactive, Productive Phone Calls with Imprisoned Loved Ones

April 30, 2018

2512 W. Broadway, N. Mpls

Faciliator:  Marquis Rollins

Major Takeaway:  Remember that the person on the other line  makes the call with limited knowledge of what the person on the other line is experiencing.

King Marco says: 

1.  Plan the call.

 2.  Prepare the conversation.

 3.  Present reachable goals to each other for the next call.

"Long Distance Prison Visits":  Overcoming obstacles; Making Each Mile Count

Monday, May 14, 2018  5pm-7pm

2512 W. Broadway, N. Mpls

Facilitator:  Dwane Martin

Major Takeaway:  Those miles can be long and tiring, but use the time to relax and think about the upcoming visit.

Brotha' Dwane says:

1.  Stick to your word and go visit.

2.  Create relationships along the way (gas stations, hotels, restaurants, the warden, etc.)

3.  Prepare conversation and set-up the next visiting date, even if it's in a year.

"Understanding the Logo: Your Role with Peace of Hope -  Organized to Service Families of the Imprisoned"  

Monday, May 21, 2018 5pm-7pm 2512 W. Broadway, N. Mpls 

Facilitator:  Sharon Brooks

Major Takeaway:

A logo is more than just a symbol, it comes from the heart.

Ms. Sharon says:

1.  Peace is at the core.

2.  The open Sun is the hope for more people to join the Peace of Hope movement.

3.  The bright rays of the Sun are us doing the necessary work of providing services to families of the incarcerated.