Musical Message of the Month

This 1974 Classic motivated and united America in a way that was unprecedented.  Peace of Hope chooses this as an anthem for 2018.

Hope Heroes

"Desire for connection with family does not end when incarceration begins, it increases".  

S. Brooks

Our Mission

To relieve the devastating stresses associated with having loved ones imprisoned by utilizing our service, education and advocacy work.

Transportation is a HUGE barrier that creates stress when a loved one is imprisoned.  Most prisons are no less than 100 miles away with no public transportation available.


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Children Ride Free!

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Each of our staff is a real member of 

Peace of Hope, Inc.

Yes, we all have someone incarcerated.

Established in 2012 by founder and CEO Ms. Sharon Brooks, our answers are educationally based as well as delivered with compassionate.  

We will be with you every step of the way while you survive the epidemic and harsh effects of mass incarceration.

Contact us first and join our network of expert consultants on hand to provide relief to the situation you are now a part of, including overcoming the barrier of communicating with your incarcerated loved one.

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1 out of 8 Americans have someone involved in the prison system. Introduce them to Peace of Hope, Inc.

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Peace of Hope, Inc.

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